Massey Ferguson 7615 Efficient Dyna-6

Brand Massey Ferguson
Cabin Regular
Country Netherlands
Cylinders 6 cyl.
Engine output 150.00 hp
Extra options New/unused
Front tyre size 540/65R28 – W15
Model 7615 Efficient Dyna-6
Other information RIVERLAND Equipment BV offers you from stock :

Massey Ferguson MF 7615 Efficient Dyna-6
Agco Power SCR (e3) technologie
Extra fuel filter with water dispenser
MF 7615 150/175 Hp ISO 6.6l AGCO Power stage 3b
Dyna-6 50km/hour (ECO) Autodrive
Power control and T-lever on right elbow rest
Dyna-6 & Quad-link – Autodrive
1st and 2nd valve Joystick control
3rd and 4th valve (CCLS) ZL+KO+FL, mechanic
Standard and ECO PTO, electronics
External PTO start/stop control on fender
Hydraulic trailer brake
ELC with extra power
Heavy telescopic stabilizers
Quadlink – Suspended front axle
Tires front 540/65R28 – W15
Tires back 650/65R38 – W18
Automatic air seat, turn able with armrest
Radio – CD – MP3, Aux, USB and Bluetooth
Telescopic large side mirrors adjustable
Mechanic suspended cabin
Analog & digital instrument panel
Rear tyre size 650/65R38 – W18
Top speed 50.00 km/h
Tractor type Farm Tractor
Transmission Dyna-6
Year of manufacture 2015

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