Porsche 911 Retro Works

Brand Porsche
Country Netherlands
Machine Location Haaften
Model 911 Retro Works
Other information For our Porsche drivers and specially 911 enthusiasts we have the pleasure to announce that from now on we can build you in cooperation
with Rick Findlow from http:--www.911-retro-works.co.uk- your Porsche 911 retro backdate dream .

From the 1st of May 2019 Riverland Porsche Motors act as agents for 911 Retro Works in Yorkshire United Kingdom to realise also your bespoken Porsche 911 .

Rick Findlow started in 2006 to build his own 911 with a retro look and this turned out to be succes because some of Rick’s friends were asking him
to build them also a retro Porsche with a personal touch . Rick already had considerable experience and passion for the Porsche 911 owning and driving 911's since 1986. He had also spent many years sourcing and selling many special limited production 911's throughout Europe. Rick was formally an elite endurance athlete with success at World level.
That same desire dedication and determination needed to succeed as an athlete is now being channelled into the development of industry leading retro Porsche.
Rick formed a partnership with long time friend Dave Gawthorpe who has a degree in Automotive design from the best Automotive university in the UK.
This was the start of a new business in backdating Porsche 911’s and so 911 Retro Works was born .
Using in the beginning Porsche 911's and 964’s , today customers can choose using either a 964 or a 993 .
Today Rick and his team are one of the first companies using the last aircooled Porsche 911’s for a personal retro-look 911 .
About the quality of the projects and also the interest in the Porsche community I ll recomm you to read the attached article
written by the famous car journalist Johnny Tipler in edition 300 from the Porsche magazine 911&PorscheWorld .

When we have made you curious and you’d like to have more information about what we can built for you
please feel free to contact me by email or by phone on 0031 611 144 166
Production country DE
Year of manufacture 2019

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