Caterpillar 390FL Ultra High Demolition

Certificates CE
البلد هولندا
التقييم العام (1-5) 5
تحمل علامة CE نعم
سنة الصنع 2019
شروط التوصيل EXW
ماركة Caterpillar
محمل السيارة 100
معلومات أخرى Riverland Equipment BV offers you from stock :

Caterpillar 390FL Ultra High Demolition excavator
new unused
Erops cabin with airconditioning and climate control
airsuspended driverseat
three [3] liftingcilinders for extra lifting capacity
kit for hydraulic adjustable undercarriage
Falling Objects Guard roof-and front windowscreen
Cat walks left and right
safety valves
total weight machine approx 125 ton
factory CE certified
factory EPA certified
Ultra High Demolition boom as 40 mtr with hammer shear rotation functions
standard diggingboom with extra hydraulic functions for hammer shear rotation
hydraulic detachable extra counterweight
Pro Lec PME700 safetly overload system
hydraulic tilting cabin

Price ex works Haaften The Netherlands
موديل 390FL Ultra High Demolition
موقع الماكينة Haaften

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